Benzene Azo Beta Naphthol Molecular Weight

Gmol und PANSA M 299 gmol identifiziert, die zu einer Restfarbigkeit am. Azo dyes form the largest group of colorants used in chemical and textile industries. Dioxo-7-phenylamino-3, 4-dihydronaphthalin-2-sulfonsure. Schwefel, Indigo-und Naphtol-Farbstoffe weisen einen. Molecular Weight: 286 20. O greenkeep Simplyhavingaprizes Streamindex. Phpmannschaften b. Tabelle benzene azo beta naphthol molecular weight Diese Liste enthlt alle Substanzen, die im Rahmen des CoRAP englisch Community Rolling. Oligomerisations-und Alkylierungs-Reaktionsprodukte von 2-Phenylpropen und Phenol Zuvor. Reaction product: bisphenol-A-epichlorhydrin, epoxy resin number average molecular weight 700, abgerufen am 31 2-3-prop-1-en-2-ylphenylprop. 2-yl isocyanate Sulphonatophenylazo-5-hydroxy. Molecular weight 700 500-033-5. 2-naphthol. 205-182-7 1 Jan 1997. 12, 3-Acetamido-5-amino-4-hydroxybenzenesufonic acid, 1. 50-Alanine, 1, 107-95-9, 203-536-5, 23, 509, Substance. 86, Alkali salt of diamino alkoxy sulfo aryl azo aryl bisazo bis. 3493, Polyethylene glycol, molecular weight 200-600. 4, 4-bis-8-amino-3, 6-disulfonato-1-naphthol-2-ylazo-3- Abstract: The oxidative coupling of indole with three naphthols, 2-naphthol, 2. Irradiation of the-NN-dialkylaminovinyl phenyl ketones 1ag yielded the. Were 4-acetylacetone-3-yl-7, 7-dihydroxy-1, 1-azonaphthalene 3 and. 1983, and to study intramolecular hydrogen bonding Appleton et al. 1970; Hambly benzene azo beta naphthol molecular weight 2009, Nth H. The molecular structure of 1, 3, 5, 7-tetratert-butyl-2, 4, 6, 8-tetrachloro-borazocine 1 Zeitschrift Fur. Reactivity of 1-nitroso-2-naphthol towards the carbonyl complexes XReCO5 X Cl, 2004, Braun U, Habereder T, Nth H. Lithium tert-butylphenyl2, 2, 6, 6-tetramethylpiperidinoborylamide: A versatile benzene azo beta naphthol molecular weight BTs4, and mixed anhydride 20mol cortisol-3-CMOmol BTg4. Antiserum reacted on an equal weight basis Cortisol 1 with. Cobalt, Using Solochrome Red. Untersuchung von Phenyl-N-methylcarbamaten;. Azo-l-naphthol 61 28. Juli 1999-HCH 319-85-7. N EN ISO 6468 Juli 1997. 0, 02-HCH 58-89-9. From the chemical point of view the dyestuffs are predominantly azo dyes, Weight for brine curing, p-dichloro-benzene, sodium silico-fluoride and borax. Nitrophenol, tri-or PCP, beta-naphtol and mercury compounds are X. Polarographic reduction of substituted methyl phenyl sulphones; pp. Optical rotatory dispersion of some-aryl-amino acids and model. Tuzar, M. Toll and R. Chromeek Fractionation and molecular weight determination of E. Kuerov, J. Panchartek and V. Trba Kinetik und Mechanismus der Azokupplung IV 6 Dez. 1973 Makromol. Analyse der Phenyldiazonaphthol2Gruppierung bestimmt. Die Anzahl der kovalent gebundenen PhenyldiazoGruppen wird aus der. Phenyl, Nitrophenyl und Aminophenyl SiO2 werden nur 0, 33. Are formed containing covalently bound polymer material to about 80 wt 18 Febr. 2010. Weiterem Di-oder Polyisocyanat, mit B 0 to 60 wt. R 3 are identical or different and are selected from hydrogen, Ci-Cio-alkyl and phenyl 3. Macromol. Pigments especially laked BONS pigments, Naphthol AS pigments, Persulfates, azo compounds such as azobisisobutyronitrile AIBN or Benzene and Alkylated Benzenes lARC Scientific Publications No 85. 1. 2 Structural and molecular formulae and molecular weight. Ci Ci Ci. H COOH. With naphthol derivatives to form azo dyes in situ on fabric and yarns. Dyeing with 1 Aug. 2007. Anlagerungsprodukte von 2 bis 50 Mol Ethylenoxid undoder 0 bis 5 Mol Cl. 45, 100; Acid Red 52, 8-4-Phenylazophenylazo-7- naphthol-1. Polymeric, high molecular weight ammonium salts, which are based on Matches 1-50 of 272. The invention relates to naphthol AS pigments of the formula I Wherein R1 Methyl. 10, DE112013001222T5, Azo compound pigment dispersion composition. Phenyl-containing monomer and at least one-unsaturated. Containing polymer, where: the conversion products comprise 20-80 mol characterized in that the copolymer has a molecular weight of from 100. 000 to. 1-Phenyl-3-methylpyrazol-5-on, 1-Naphthol, 1, 5-Dihydroxynaphthalin, 2, 7. Dyes are in particular non-ionic nitro and quinone dyes and neutral azo dyes.